SOULO.TV Sample Workout: Neuro Acceleration Master

"Build Faster Leg Speed and Master Your Motor Control in 46 Minutes"

Sample Available for 48 HRS.  ZWIFT Power Profile Available Here for Members.

NOTE:  This workout is available 24/7 for member use and available for download with the CYCLO90 Masters Base Training System Available for all ANNUAL MEMBERS.​

Workout Features and Benefits

  • Builds Faster Leg Speed
  • Build Your Aerobic and Anaerobic Engine
  • Improve Your Pedaling Technique
  • WORKOUT TIME:  ~45 Minutes
Graeme's Coaching Tips

This is a really tough workout and one that will challenge all who use it, so don't feel bad if you struggle at first, you'll get faster each set. The objective is to get your leg speed faster, WITH CONTROL. You do not want to be bobbing up and down a lot while performing the NEURO ACCEL SETS. Focus on trying to hit faster PEAK RPM's each time you do this great workout.

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