3 Tips to Unlock Your True Cycling Performance

Here's an EXAMPLE of the Tips from this Video in Action.  My first SOULO ride in a LOOOONG time.

Rider Reviews for SOULO.TV

Kurt Dardis

Graeme, I joined SOULO.TV two weeks ago after watching your youtube vids and several podcasts. Your workouts are fantastic and your coaching details and tips have made me think about my riding in a whole new way. I'm glad I joined. Excellent work!

Mike Tollar

Graeme, I've been a long time listener to your podcasts and only just recently tried some of your workouts you offered.  Great stuff and jumped into soulo.tv and am trying a new workout per week.  I like the energy you put into your workouts.  I can feel your passion for it.  It gets me going and is just what I need.  Thanks for your dedication to the sport.

Julie Unger

Graeme, I got your cyclo90 program last year and loved it so I joined your new soulo.tv to try other workouts of yours and am considering getting on some of your group rides.  I'm nervous I'm not strong enough, so waiting for your next social ride. I particularly like your coaching style.  It's real and you're not afraid to show your own faults.  Thanks for a great program. 

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